Getting married elsewhere?

You need to get your priorities right.......

  1. Talk to the Vicar where you are hoping to get married.
  2. Check to see if you can be married by 'Banns' -  the lowest cost way.
  3. If one or both of you live in a different parish, you will need to have the 'Banns of Marriage' called in your own Parish Church.
  4. This is YOUR responsiblity and you must allow at least six weeks before the marriage to organise them.
  5. If you don't give sufficient time then your Banns can not be called and you will suddenly find your wedding costs rising by over £250 to get all the legal papers you need. Book them now - even if you are months away from your marriage date. 

How do I book my 'Banns of Marriage' at St Hilda's, Ashford?

  1. Download the Banns of Marriage Form and fill it out.
  2. Send it to: The Vicar, 8, Station Crescent, Ashford, Middlesex TW15 3HH
  3. The Vicar will write and confirm the dates when they will be called. They will also confirm the Legal costs payable, in 2017 the full legal costs are £41, which is payable on collection of the 'Certificate of Banns'.
  4. Don't be tempted to hand the application form to a well meaning friend or relative, they often forget to give it over.
  5. The Certificate MUST be handed, by you, to the Vicar who is marrying you.

What happens if one or both of us are not UK Citizens?

Immediately talk to the vicar as it may take some time to obtain the legal paperwork to allow the marriage. You will not only be dealing with the Vicar but also the London Diocesan Legal Department and maybe the UK Border Control in certain cases.  This process can take up to 9 months

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