St Hilda Ashford


We need to surround all the newly baptised with the Love of God.

Parents need help in doing this. Grandparents, brothers and sisters all play their part, but for each child you may decide to ask help from one, two, three or four individuals who will focus not only on the child but support the parent[s] as well. These individuals make  promises before God, the Baptised Child and the Family to care, teach and support the child in its new Christian Life.

The church calls these special people 'Godparents'.  If they are not Christian we call them 'Sponsors'.

To be a Godparent you must be baptised yourself and have some understanding of the Christian Faith; what is right and wrong, and a boundless ability to love the child as it starts to grow, goes to school and starts to enter adulthood. This willingness to be there for the child may last for the next 10 to 15 years.

When the Child has grown and learnt about the faith. Godparents will be invited to release their promises as the young adult comes to Confirmation, to proclaim that he/she wishes to continue to grow within the Christian Tradition.

Below  see a picture of Parents, Godparents and family as they gather around the child being baptised.


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