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Common Fund

The Common Fund.


The Common Fund is for the benefit of the common objectives to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to maintain the worship of God and to share the central costs of the Diocese of London. This allows ever Anglican Parish, Trust and Worship Group to contribute, according to their ability, and be part of this great one church Diocese of London.


This means that we share not only our prayer life, our mission but also the central charges according to our ability to contribute. Some will be able to contribute more and some less but still remain equal. Here within St Hilda’s Trust in Ashford we take our Diocesan Family responsibilities seriously and work together to maintain our commitment to God and the Diocese of London. Our worship and mission continues, including our ongoing commitment to the 2020 Mission Appeal.


St Hilda’s Trust, which owns and manages three buildings has to share the central financial commitments across these buildings also. The buildings being St Hilda’s Church, St Hilda’s Church Hall and our Curate’s House 34 Woodthorpe Road. Within 2017 this will need to be increased from £54000. Maybe this will still be not enough but we are working on it as the break even figure is £75,000 for this parish.


It’s about our common worship, our common mission and our common purse for our common family of St Hilda. For over 100 years we have done this and we need to continuously pray and keep our eyes also on the common life we share here and across the Diocese of London, the Church of England and the World we live in.


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